With the deadline looming…

With the deadline looming…

Have you sat at your desk at 520pm with a mountain of work piling up with the constant reminder in the back of your head that you have an important presentation to deliver in a few days which you haven’t even started developing yet? Or maybe you don’t want to develop it because procrastinating the development of it is a way of subtly ignoring the dread that you feel?

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Do you want some easy, quick tips on how to help if you find yourself in this position? Well, you’re in luck! Read on!

Unfortunately, everyone tends to think of their presentation as the last thing on their list of priorities. You need to finish everything before moving onto it and, at the very last minute, once you have a spare moment to yourself and you believe you’ve prioritised your workload effectively, you then focus on developing your presentation. You quickly find that with a tired, preoccupied mind with one eye on the calendar that you throw a couple of bullet points on there, a few cheesy clip art images (Please, spare us!) and then in a blink of an eye, it’s time to present. You didn’t even get a chance to rehearse!

All this adds to a sense of impending doom. Anxiety builds when you realise “I have to stand up in front of twenty people and present this!” and you end up reading the bullet points from the slide you put together hastily from the night before.

Look. We realise and accept not everyone has the budget to seek our services. But we are committed to making your life as stress free as we possibly can!

So here are our top 6 tips on how to make your presentation as stress free as possible.

1. Take a deep breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Learning some breathing techniques can help lessen anxiety if a deadline is bothering you. It can even help if practised ten minutes before you deliver the presentation. We know that you might doubt it a little bit, but trust us, it really does help.

2. Pause. Look at the slide. Continue. If you are a particularly nervous presenter then the temptation is just to speak at a million miles an hour and not take a moment to look at what it is you’re actually talking about. Stopping allows you to read the visual on the slide, turn back to your audience, and present the information. Don’t confuse your audience. They’re in the story with you, so make sure you bring them along as part of your narrative.

3. When creating your slide, question if you are engaged by it. If you’re not, then why is it there? What’s its purpose? Does it need to be there? No one wants to be read to. This will make your presentation seem more like a bed time story with the potential of putting half of the audience to sleep!

4. It will be OK. When you’re giving a presentation, no matter how well you have prepared or rehearsed, you might make a mess of it. For instance, if you forget what you wanted to say. Don’t worry. Carry on. It may be something you can fit in somewhere else. You’re only human and most people in this world recognise that.

5. Rehearse! A script will only give you additional work with the limited time that you have. You’re a presenter, not an actor. So you want to look as if you’re free-flowing, natural, and enjoying it as opposed to reenacting Shakespeare. The best way to achieve this is to run through your presentation a few times the night before. Don’t overdo it. In the comfort of your own home, take into the points above, time yourself, present it and do your best to enjoy it.

6. Consider us! If you do have the budget then we’re here for you. We’ve run through this process so many times that we take the stress and the worry from you. All you will need to do is make a commitment to rehearse and turn up on the day and hopefully you’ll seal the deal! We believe in you!


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