Happy Thanksgiving! And a Special Free Download!

Happy Thanksgiving! And a Special Free Download!

Thanksgiving turkey, spared on the day of thanks.

Thanksgiving is a day of thanks. What facts do you know?

Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated here in the United Kingdom. So here at Smarter Presentations we’ve done our research for this post! However, this didn’t deter us. We thought that it’s a great time to join in with the festivities!

Admittedly, Google has been a great help for this post, the results of which I’ve transcribed just below. Now, if you do already know these, then feel free to skip to the bottom where we have a very special PowerPoint surprise that you can send to your own clients. If you don’t know these facts then I believe they are perfect to share with others as you eat your delicious turkey!

Six Thanksgiving Facts

1. Forty million birds are killed every year and served on your table. That’s a lot of turkeys! Yet did you know that not everyone eats turkey on Thanksgiving? Current estimations rank substitute food servings at 12%.

2. Turkey was one of the meals on the menu during the Apollo program. Turkey and gravy was served during the Apollo 11 and Apollo 16 missions. While Apollo 8 orbited the moon, they ate Turkey on Christmas Day. Apollo 12, the second group of men to land on the moon, enjoyed the meal as a part of their quarantine meal back on earth during Thanksgiving Day.

3. If you’re in the plumbing business, you’re in luck! The day after Thanksgiving is a plumber’s busiest day of the year. Leftovers and food morsels that clog up pipes attribute to many of a plumber’s call outs on Black Friday.

4. It is tradition for the President to pardon a turkey from slaughter every year. Allegedly the first turkey to be spared was by Abraham Lincoln when he granted his son’s request for a turkey to be pardoned. The actual tradition didn’t start until 1989. At the time the President was George H. W. Bush and it has stuck ever since.

5. Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey, not the eagle to be the national bird. He felt that it was far more respectable and representative of America as a whole. Of course, he did also mention in the letter to his daughter that a turkey was more likely to attack a British Guard, but SHH! we don’t talk about that ;).

6. And, finally, America isn’t the only country to celebrate Thanksgiving. Canada, Liberia and some Caribbean islands also celebrate it, although on separate days to America. Germany and Japan have similar themed days, also.

Thanksgiving Download

You made it! I hope you enjoyed these Thanksgiving facts and maybe you learned something new! If you’re only here for the Thanksgiving PowerPoint card then that’s fine, too. We won’t tell on you.

Link to Download

Everything in the template is fully editable, from the text to the font colours and the colours themselves. If you pull up the speaker notes you will also notice instructions on how to swap out your logo to your very own corporate one.

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