Client Case Study – Interactive Presentation: Kingdom

Client Case Study – Interactive Presentation: Kingdom

About Kingdom

Established in 1993 and operating in the United Kingdom. Through organic growth and acquisition, Kingdom has grown in commercial and service strength and they are now one of the largest independently owned companies in the UK within their areas of service expertise. Their Services include Environmental Protection, Facilities Management, Recruitment and Security Solutions.

Commercially strong their strategy is to continually grow and expand their services, offering a complete support service to their customers.

Kingdom take a fresh approach to the support services market; adapting to the proliferation of new technologies and emerging security threats, whilst also offering their customers a leaner, smarter and more connected way of working.

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Kingdom recently updated their brand. This meant there was a requirement for an updated fifty slide presentation. Due to the number of slides in the deck, the decision was to structure the presentation differently, making it more interactive. Additionally, this allows a presenter to tailor their content depending on who they are presenting to. This would change the way they used PowerPoint so that it’s now dynamic, flexible and highly visual.

Solution – The Interactive Presentation

Smarter Presentations updated the template design incorporating the new look and feel of the brand along with fonts, colours and slide transitions.

Smarter Presentations then worked together with Kingdom to design and structure the presentation content. Slides were split into five topics with a content slide which contained all subject links. This made a more effective presentation as it was no longer a linear deck of fifty slides. By including a content slide, Kingdom could focus on these five central topics which were then hyperlinked to each subject. This aids navigation through the presentation. This also meant that the presentation was broken down into shorter “sub-presentations” which were organised around the central topic that was originally chosen.

Smarter Presentations designed the structure of the slides so that the presentation returns to the home page after each individual topic. The inclusion of hyperlinks throughout the presentation content helps to give reference points to the presenter. By clicking on certain design elements or text boxes they will either link to another page in the PowerPoint presentation, an external web page, or activate a video file. The inclusion of dynamic animations to the content also helped to enhance the design and create a more engaging presentation.

Interactive example in action

The red highlight denotes a hyperlink. It shows how easy it is to access certain content in a few clicks.


Smarter Presentations delivered an interactive presentation that Kingdom can adapt depending on who they are presenting to.

Hyperlinking adds flexibility to a presentation and builds a dialogue between the presenter and audience. Consequently, this allows direction and control, and they are able to choose which topics to cover together. Kingdom can now build valuable, reusable and engaging presentations that exist as individual topics ready for quick display in any setting as needed. With each question, the presentation can link back to a topic through the home page. In the end, the audience viewing this type of presentation are more likely to pay close attention as the presentation will cover the topics that they are most interested in.

To help employees, Kingdom developed a series of videos of the presentation so the presenters all have reference to each individual topic within. Consequently, the videos are a learning tool that ensures each presenter is familiar with the narrative.

This shows the interactive presentation in a live setting

The presentation in action.


In conclusion, Kingdom now have an interactive presentation which reflects the new brand and keeps all kingdom materials consistent. A highly adaptable presentation means that they will improve their ROI and growth.


“We have worked with Smarter Presentations on a number of projects now and they make the process so easy but always with a fantastic end product. How they manage to turn our verbal, late evening, last minute visions into great PowerPoint slides each time and exactly how we wanted it is still beyond me.”

Mark Wallace,
Chief Operating Officer (COO),

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