You have a presentation date! But what do you do with the design?

You have a presentation date! But what do you do with the design?

After all that hard work you’ve finally secured a date to present. You’re nervous, something that we gave tips for in our very first post. But what do you do before that? How do you get there on time prepared with the presentation design you want? You may be wondering how to make your presentation smarter or more effective. So we have compiled some of the tips below that will help you with that.

A person doing presentation design

You may be thinking how do I design something to be engaging. Read ahead!

Tips for Presentation Design
  1. Ditch the bullet points: We see text over and over again. Don’t read from the slide! The audience will have finished what they’re reading before you stop speaking. If that is the case then why did you turn up on the day at all? It isn’t a presentation if you’re reading them a bed time story! So take away all the bullet points. Think about what would complement what you have to say. If you’re talking about hospital care, would an image of the hospital you’re speaking of work better?
  2. Give a clear heading: The slide requires direction in what you’re going to talk about. Sometimes the audience even needs a reminder. Add an appropriate title to your slide that frames the context of the conversation.
  3. Utilise white space correctly: Any space on the slide can act as direction for an audience to look at or ponder over. If you use it correctly and fill the white space (or leave it), this is no longer an issue. Use white space as a tool to direct attention accordingly.
  4. Animations add a lot: We appreciate that motion paths are tricky but even a simple fade can add a lot to a presentation. Make sure that clicks are added to give you time to present in chunks to your audience. If everything comes up at once it creates confusion and disengages those you’re speaking to.
  5. Be concise: Don’t spend ten minutes on one slide trying to make a point. Split your content across multiple slides to keep the interest up and to engage your audience.

We hope that you enjoyed these tips. If you have any further questions or comments then we want to hear from you.


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