Why is it important to do research before creating a presentation?

Why is it important to do research before creating a presentation?

You may have read something surprising in the news this week. Apparently, research has found that Monday is the most depressing day of the year. But is it? On first glance it appears believable enough. It’s just after Christmas and the New Year. Many people have enjoyed time with their families, ate well and had fun. They may have also had an extended break from work. Now everyone is back in the office and it’s the same thing again for another year. Sometimes the weight of that can build and suddenly you have the media claiming that it’s most depressing day of the year. Except not is all as it seems.

I did some research of my own and found that the original theory came from Sky Travel. This was a promotional campaign to try and lure people to book a holiday. Convince people that they are depressed and how can they cure it? By giving themselves something as a reward. It was backed by an equation which is now largely considered as pseudoscience. So in terms of presentations, what can we take from this?

Research is key to good presentations

Blue Monday – it’s not what it seems.

Why research is important

When creating a presentation it’s important that you convince your audience your solution is best. It’s all well and good throwing a bunch of buzz words and benefits at them. But the problem arises when you have someone who is sceptical. That’s why case studies are important. These are a way of convincing your audience that your solution is best. They contain the original pain point, the solution and the tangible results that it created. They should also contain a testimonial stating that the improvement worked.

While Blue Monday is an example of a very successful ad campaign, it’s also false. You don’t want to make the same mistake. If someone can walk away from your presentation, do some research, and find out you’re telling lies then this will damage your credibility. You want to win your pitch so it’s important that your facts are correct and displayed accurately.

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