Why co-branding is important, specifically for bids

Why co-branding is important, specifically for bids

Imagine this. You get the date for your presentation through and you immediately go to design your presentation. Your first step is to marry it up to your company’s brand. However, I’m here to give you an alternative to that. That alternative is co-branding. While it may annoy your branding department, this is one of the many steps we would recommend when going in for a bid.

This guy definitely utilised co-branding

You want the audience’s attention. Get it straight away!

So why should I utilise co-branding in the first place?

It’s easy to default to your standard PowerPoint template but the truth is that you’re talking about you and no one wants to hear this. In a bid situation, what your client wants to hear is what you are going to offer them. More specifically, they want to know what the benefits of your product is to them. The first step to a successful bid presentation is to re-frame your way of thinking and the conversation. Most people will go into a presentation focusing on their product. What they should focus on is what their client wants.

Have you ever heard the saying “First impressions last?”

This is precisely why you should co-brand your presentation. If on the very first slide it looks as if it’s a presentation that was made the day before and is solely about your company, it does the following:

  • Disengages the audience as they feel it’s irrelevant to them
  • Shows a lack of thought or preparation
  • Puts your competitors in a stronger position, especially if they have followed our advice

If, on the other hand, you have in the very least put your client’s logo on your title slide then it drives initial audience engagement. The audience will feel relevant to the conversation and they understand that you are involving them in the process.

We hope you find this small tip helpful. If you want to know more about our capabilities and how we can support you during bids, then please feel free to contact us here.


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