I have to present! How long should I talk for per slide in my presentation?

I have to present! How long should I talk for per slide in my presentation?

If you have a deck of thirty slides you should aim to spend thirty minutes for the entire presentation. That means on average you’ll spend a minute per slide. More importantly, though, you may be wondering how you achieve this. Alternatively, you might be wondering why you want to do this in the first place. Today we’ll be discussing not only the how but the why.

Clock depicting time

Time is ticking! How long should you spend on your slides?

Thirty Slides = Thirty Minutes

The key first and foremost is to make sure that you split up complex ideas into simple ones. This can be achieved by good visualisation or by splitting concepts across slides. The reason why you want to do this is that it keeps audience engagement high. If you, as a presenter, are standing in front of a static slide for minutes on end then interest will wane. People are driven by high impact. This drives interest and keeps the mind engaged, asking questions and wondering what will happen next. If we’re in a situation where we’re only listening to you as the presenter then slowly we lose interest. In the same vein, animations work identical to that. They build up questions, engagement and wonder while driving a narrative to its conclusion.

Conversely you may be wondering how to stretch out a slide that only contains a testimonial to one minute. The key here is that you need to build up to the quote. Give context to the testimonial by explaining about the person/company who gave it. Then click, allow it to appear on screen. Let the audience read what appears on screen. Then turn to them and confirm what they’ve just read before moving on.

No matter what, as you can see, it is easy enough to keep a slide to a minute long maximum. High impact is key. This will keep your audience awake and they’ll remember you in the future.

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