Some Helpful Tips for Presenting yourself at Networking Events

Some Helpful Tips for Presenting yourself at Networking Events

This week we’re changing our focus. Instead of writing a post about presentations and presenting we wondered what else we could write about. Fortunately, the answer presented itself today at a networking event. Lately, we’ve found it extremely helpful to involve ourselves at these networking events. The varied businesses and conversations you can have can lead to some interesting conclusions. This prompted some interesting discussion between attendees today when we discussed the pros and cons. In the end, you don’t know who you’re going to bump into at these events and whether they’re going to be a worthwhile contact.

Abstract Networking is still Networking

Your connection has connections! Networking is perfect to get yourself out there.

What we take away from networking events
  1. Everyone is a worthwhile contact, even those that you least expect to be. It’s worth talking to everyone at an event and handing out a business card, even if you don’t think you’ll ever work together. This is because contacts have contacts and if they have a pleasant experience, they’ll bear you in mind.
  2. Always refer! It’s great to receive a referral but if you refer them to someone then they’re likely to remember you.
  3. It’s a great way of getting you out there. Even if nothing comes out of it immediately, you’re giving yourself presence.
  4. Be yourself. You may come away with something sold or an appointment but ultimately people will appreciate you for you.
  5. Keep calm. Maybe we lied a bit. In a way, there is an element of presenting here. You have to pitch your company, quite quickly, to someone in order for them to understand what it is you do. Fortunately, we have the perfect post about this: read here!

We hope that these five short tips are helpful. What do you think of networking events? Do you attend them regularly? Do you really struggle with presenting yourself? How about you contact us and start a conversation. We’d be happy to hear more about it!


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